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The check is in the mail? California

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  • The check is in the mail? California

    I work for a hospital where pay days are every other Friday. I have signed up for direct deposit but for some reason it's still not set up. This last payday we were told at noon the checks were being mailed to us. It is not here yet and I was told I will probably get it in Tue mail. Can they do this without any warning? Normally the checks are delivered to our work by noon on Friday.

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    A short answer is "yes" this is legal. There is no legal requirement that an employer use direct deposit or do the setup quickly. There is no legal requirement that checks be distributed via departments. There are some very good audit reasons not to do so, but rather just US Mail all checks to recipients.

    Have you talked to Payroll? Have you asked them WHEN the direct deposit will be established? Having worked payroll for many years, I can say that payroll loves direct deposit and hates checks. Payroll has no control over US Mail. I have done payroll for a Fortune 500 company and we had 3% problem rate with U S Mail. Problem rates with direct deposit was less the 0.1%.
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