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Questions regarding mileage reimbursement and carpooling. California

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  • Questions regarding mileage reimbursement and carpooling. California

    Management has requested that I carpool to a remote site. Must I do this, or may I utilize my own vehicle? Must the employer pay for travel time if I do so?
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    It is my understanding they may pay driving time at a different rate as long as it is above minimum wage and as long as they tell you (or have a policy of doing so) prior to you "working" those hours. They can also subtract out normal driving time (or the time it would normal take you to get to your worked store).

    I will say that if you refuse to ride with someone else after they have requested you carpool, they do have to reimburse you for your expenses in your state, but it will become a black mark on your record. Something like "not being a team player" especially if the parent company's wrath falls onto the head of your manager who asked you to carpool. You won't be winning any brownie points at either level.


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