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Dlse - bofe claim time frame?

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  • Dlse - bofe claim time frame?

    Long story short - a bunch of the staff including me at my previous employment were classified as salary exempt, when in reality as unlicensed intern architect designers we are non-exempt and should be entitled to overtime pay.

    After quiting, I filed a BOFE group claim with the Oakland/San Francisco office against my previous employer for unpaid staff overtime back in September 2012. In March 2013, I finally got a call from the Labor Commissioner, that she will assign the case to a deputy and that they might contact me if they need further information. It is now May 2013 - it has been 2 months after I was contacted and nearly 8 months since I filed and I haven't heard anything from the DLSE even after I left several messages.

    Have any of you filed Group BOFE claims? How long does it usually take from start to finish? Mine seems to be taking forever if at all. It's a theory, but I'm starting to wonder if the labor commissioner have been bought off by the big wigs that are connected to my ex-employer.

    Any ideas how I can push them along? Alert the press maybe? Or should I just wait patiently and move on with my life meanwhile?

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    They can take up to 18-24 months. Or longer. It's not going to be settled quickly. Far from anyone being paid off, I'd be astonished if you were any further along than you are after only 8 months.
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