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Eight days of work in a row and many other problems California

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  • Eight days of work in a row and many other problems California

    I work graveyard and the full time employe on the night **** was fired so I was given her hours and this week I work from the 1st to the 8th what I want to know is can they do this without asking me also I have been made to come in 5 to 6 hours apart after working graveyard also I work 7to 11 and just yeasterday my manager forced me to work over time with out it being on my secadule or verbally telling me I found out when I checked to see when my coworker came in she did not schedule any one to come in untill 7 and she showed up 30min later so she did not even give me the option to say no to it I have also worked with out a lunch or brakes more then once I have asked for this to stop but I nv sees my manger and she has no home or cellphone

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    Also I have been working here for a year and I got sick and had to take off my first day off and when I did I was taken off the schedule for 2 weeks and when I got back she had a threading letter saying. No calling off even of your sick


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      Lots of issues. Yes, you can be asked to stay late if a coworker doesn't show. You work the hours your employer asks you to work. I am including a link to the information regarding OT for yor state. You don't include enough information for us to know based on what you shared if it applies or not.

      I'm including the link to your state's rules on meal breaks here
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