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Is this retaliation.

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  • Is this retaliation.


    A friend of mine was physically threatened by a coworker - all of which is not her fault and her coworker accepted full responsibility per management. She reported the incident and management wrote her up for having communication issues in the work place, however, management retracted that document and gave few revisions to cover up the original document. Fortunately, my friend made copies of all revisions of the document that was handled to her.

    Shortly after the episode, (in about 2 weeks) she received negative documentations of job performance issues. Note the timing in this. Prior to this, she received 3 satisfactory annual reviews.

    She received more writeups and was placed on administrative leave in a matter of a few months. She went through a hearing and won and was placed back to work.

    My friend filed complaints with the EEOC.

    She got her job back, but soon after her return, she was placed on a PIP and given a negative performance review of the prior year. The training was horrible in that they nitpicked her, discouraged her from taking notes, and didn't allow her to ask questions as she would be told that she as trained prior. If she were to ask the questions, she would be documented in the PIP.

    The mistreatment goes on for a few more months, and she's thinking about filing with the EEOC again for retaliation. Between these months she has filed grievances with her HR.

    Does she have a retaliation case? The timing is about 4 months after filing with the EEOC, she was asked to return to work and immediately placed on a PIP and was given the negative PE. If there's more information requested, feel free to ask.

    Thank you.
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