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Overpayment of Wages

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  • Overpayment of Wages

    I work in Los Angeles. I was incorrectly paid on two consecutive pay-periods, both of which I had overtime hours owed to me. I was underpaid the first pay-period and did not catch it. Although I had overtime coming to me, I was still overpaid on the second pay-period. I immediately contacted payroll re their error. After doing the calculations, I was informed by them the amount I had to pay back in GROSS dollars, the amount I was given sounded reasonable. I was then sent an email that doubled the amount I was initially told to pay back. I was only given a pay-period total of the correct calculations. After deducting the second amount given to me from what I had been paid, I ended up taking LESS than what I would normally take home without overtime. I spoke to them and they would not budge and I was told that "I better be prepared to pay" that amount back within a couple of days.

    I asked them to give me a NET amount of what I should have correctly been paid (including the OT hours owed to me). I would then deduct that from the amount I had been paid and I would paid THAT difference. They insisted I had to pay back in GROSS dollars. This does not sound right to me and I have not been given an explanation. I do want to pay back what I am not entitled to, bu this just doesn't seem fair.

    This mistake could have been corrected before the year end, but I was told it couldn't because it was the last [physical] "check" of the year. I disagree, becuase I still had two more weeks of work which I performed before the end of the year. How is is going to affect my taxes. The amount was approximately 1K.

    Thank you for your feedback.
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