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Mileage Reimbursement California

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  • Mileage Reimbursement California


    I have a question maybe someone can help me with? I work for an employer who's main office is located 100 miles away. I work as a store merchandiser . My employer requires me to go to different locations and service the customers from my home.

    Now...The employer only pays .42 cents a mile less the first 30 miles driven . Not compensation for all miles driven. Aslo does not pay an hourly wage while driving to and from the assigned store locations.

    Any thought are greatly appreciated . Or any specific codes or laws



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    Re travel time, California law is stricter than federal. See Chapter 46 here:

    Re mileage reimbursement, see 29.2.4 in the same document as above.
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      Thanks Patty,

      I am wondering if the employer has the right to deduct 30 miles for the days driven mileage . Seems unfair given that no wages are paid for this time .

      What I am looking for is a quote that pertains to the mileage deduction.



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          There is a variable that the OP should look at here. As a merchandiser, are you required to keep work materials at home? Brochures, POP, fixtures, or any work related items that you are required to transport to your stores? Do you use a supplied PDA to keep track of your work? If so, are you required to upload the daily info from the PDA when you get home? If any of these apply, they could be considered principal work activities and time between the first and last principal activity would be considered compensable time under the continuous workday rule. That would include drive time to and from the first and last store. Again, this is provided you are required to perform any work before you leave and after you get home.


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