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Previous employer making life difficult California

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    I find it unjust that if an individual lies about information the EDD can fine the employee.
    Its impossible for the EDD to know for sure which party is lying... they listen to both sides and determine which one sounds like they're telling the truth. From the EDD perspective, you are just as likely to lie (or submit false information) as the employer.

    What about penalties that may be assessed against me for my late payments? What if I’m late on a credit card payment or car payment due to the length in lack of benefits till this is resolved? How is my credit score going to see justice from such vindictive behavior? I have worked very hard to keep clean credit and these are long term damages that could cost me thousand in the near future. How can this criminal like activity go unpunished?
    While unfortunate, none of this matters to the EDD. They are required to make an unbiased decision when granting or denying benefits.

    It stinks to go into a he said/she said situation, but all you can do is tell the truth and wait it out. Once you receive the documents from corporate and submit them to EDD, it will be up to your local management to explain why they gave the wrong dates.


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      And what happens if it's proven that they've given false evidence?


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        If the EDD determines that there is sufficient evidence to prove that the employer is lying, they will likely continue your benefits.

        The decision is completely up to the state, there is no way for us to decide how the state will interpret evidence and/or testimony. There is also no way for us to forsee what the ruling will be.


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