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Boss saving expense reports in my name California

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  • Boss saving expense reports in my name California

    Just as it says. About 6 months ago I started a new job in the mortgage business. Before I was cleared by corporate someone allowed me to use their login to learn the systems and build my business. So when my boss asked for my login several months later for another new employee to use while she was being cleared I thought little of it. There is a "family" culture they try to foster not to mention he could simply get my login from corporate by requesting it. Shortly thereafter I began seeing expense reports saved in my name that I had not submitted. The "requestor" on the report is my boss but it is saved under my name. When the expense reports got quite large, $10,000 plus for computers I got very nervous. When I changed my password he called me up and said he had to have my login for someone else to use. I told him to allow someone else to use theirs. He said they needed mine because of the shortcuts they had created on the desktop. I refused and told him that I had seen the reports in my name, and he was clearly not aware they had been sending them to me. Now the reports are archived and shortcuted in my email and cannot be opened. Nothing else is even emails that are older. What he doesn't know is I already have copies of the reports. Now that I have business coming in to the office the processors are tanking my loans. Telling me a loan is in underwriting when it is not. Letting my loans sit when there should be work being done on them. I believe he is creating a hostile workplace so that he can justify firing me. What are my options here?

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    If he wanted to fire you, he wouldn't have to make up an excuse. Oak, your services are no longer required.

    Although there may be some shenanigans going on, how is this affecting you personally?

    BTW, this is nowhere near a hostile working environment under the law.
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        I recommend that you have a discussion with your boss about the situation, rather than forcing a confrontation by refusing to do what he wants done. Remember, he is the boss - and you fighting him is what will get you fired.

        While computer logins should be kept private from a computer security point of view, there is no law that says your boss can not use your login or give it to others. Doing that loses, for him and the company, the ability to know who took action under that login, but that is a business decision on their part.

        If this results in things being done under your account that you feel may be used against you at some point, it would be wise to keep your own records of things that concern you. But, fighting your boss by refusing to comply with an order that is not illegal is a pretty good way to insure that you get fired.
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