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Travel Pay California

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  • Travel Pay California

    I have a question about the way I should get pay for my time at work. This is for the state of California. I usually don't travel but I had to in the past two weeks. Basically the following are the hours I did. Hope somebody can help me figure out how they should pay me and if they should pay me overtime. My rate is $23.30 for regular hours and travel time. Hope somebody can help. Thanks in advance.

    First Week

    Monday: 31 hours of total travel time from the time I left my house until I arrived at the hotel where I was staying.

    Tuesday: I did not work because of time difference.

    Wednesday: First day of work overseas. 10 hours.

    Thursday: 10 hours.

    Friday: 10 hours.

    Saturday: 8 hours.

    Second Week

    Monday: 10 hours.

    Tuesday: 10 hours

    Wednesday: 10 hours

    Thursday: 10 hours.

    Friday: 25 hours of total travel time from the time I left the hotel until I arrived at my house.

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    CA rules are a bit different from the federal rules. Try the 46.3 section in the following.
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      Travel time on the first Monday and second Friday would be the actual time minus whatever your normal commute to work would be. Also, if there are any layovers where you have time to pursue other things, such as sightseeing ect. That time would be deducted from your travel time. I have heard of one employer who tried to count the time during meal service on an overseas trip as a lunch break. It didn't fly.....pardon the pun.


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        Thanks for responding to my question. The answers were really helpful .


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