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Part time vs full time California

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  • Part time vs full time California

    My employer wants us to work 56 hours in one week, he is going to pay us the overtime. However, he only will let us work 24 hours, all straight time in the following week. He claims he can work us when he wants and the only difference between part time and full time is benefits. We receive benefits so we are considered full time. Can he do this?

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    Your employer sets the schedule. He can have you work over 40.00 hours one week and under the next. As long as he pays overtime in accordance to CA state laws, there is nothing illegal. Even if he does not pay OT, your recourse is to file a wage claim. The employer can legally terminate an employee for failing to work a set schedual even if the pay is incorrect.

    Legally, its valid. Personally, not how I would manage my employees but my opinion and two bucks will get you a cup of coffee.

    Being full time/part time does not change this.


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      We don't mind because when you do the math we still work 160 hours in the month, get paid for 168 & get 6 days off without having to take PTO.

      Thanks for your quick response


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