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California Sick/Vacation Time

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  • California Sick/Vacation Time

    I work at a company of over 100 people in Riverside CA. We offer seperate vacation and sick time. When someone calls in sick, we insist they use sick time and we do not allow them to use vacation time if they are out of sick time. (We have a 24 hour notice policy for scheduling vacation time) If they are out of sick time it is No Pay. Recently one of our managers said that state law requires that if an employee calls in sick and is out of sick time AND demands that the shift be covered by accrued vacation time that we have to do this. (We're talking about non-exempt, hourly employees) Is this true? What section of the Labor code would cover this?

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    I've never heard of this being a law. DAW?
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      I have to agree Patty. I have never read or heard of this for California or any other state. I just went through all my information on California and there isn't anything that refers to this situation or anything close to it.
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        Never heard of that as well. If he/she insists ask then to provide the state law.


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          If true, this is news to me. Agree with everyone else. Ask the person who thinks there is an actual law to give you a reference. The thing is while CA has a lot of rules, they also do a fairly good job of spelling out those rules. Actual CA rules tend to be pretty well documented in obvious places (the CA-DLSE manual for starters).
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            Thank you

            Thank you all for your replies.


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