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Help! Auto Glass Installer - Piece Rate Pay? California

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  • Help! Auto Glass Installer - Piece Rate Pay? California

    Please Help! I am a mobile auto glass installer in California.

    Basically, I drive a company van to each jobsite (customer's residence, work, etc.) and replace or repair windshields, door glasses, back glasses, etc.
    I supply about 90% of my own tools to do my job. I believe my job classification falls under Wage Order 4 but I am not sure.

    I was being paid $14 per hour until November 2009 when I was notified my pay rate was being changed from hourly to a piece rate completion pay schedule with a base hourly minmum of $9/hour for days when there are very few jobs scheduled (8 hour day with 1 or 2 jobs for example; still get $72.00). It states that a Job is for each full window installation completed. The piece rate is $27.50 per job for windshield replacement and $15.00 per job for windshield repair (rock chip repair).

    The piece completion pay schedule also states that if there is a callback (leaks, wind noise,etc.) for any reason it causes job pay to be deducted by half. 2nd callback results in another half of job pay to be deducted. Is that even Legal?? I thought once the piece rate was completed, the employer could require you to "redo" the work if the job was not satisfactory and not pay the piece rate pay again, but must pay at least the minimum wage ($9/hr base pay per this employer's pay scale) for the time worked.

    He has also sent me out to "redo" jobs that were originally completed by other installers. Shouldn't I be paid the piece rate pay for the job since it is a new job for me?

    Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated. I have spent countless hours trying to research CA Labor Law and have discovered several laws which my employer is breaking. I have only lived in CA for a couple of years and have never been paid on a piece rate pay schedule. I also do not know of any other auto glass companies that are paying their employees this way.

    Thank You Very Much For Any And All Help With This!

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