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Reporting Self-Employment while on UI (California) and what to say?

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  • Reporting Self-Employment while on UI (California) and what to say?

    Hi all, thank you for all the great advice on here. I have a question that I've searched for but hasn't been answered in the forum, may be some of you know what the answer is.

    I was laid off last year, and started collecting unemployment insurance benefits. I have gotten to the 1st extension for UI. In January, I worked as an independent contractor (1099) on a research project for a week and reported the $ that came from that project on the UI claim form for that week.

    My mistake was instead of putting "self-employed" in the field where it asks you to name your "employer and address", I put the company who had paid me for the project.

    So when the EDD letter came asking to verify whether this company was my last "employer," I filed a letter back to EDD stating that I had mistakenly put the company down as my employer and that I should have put "self-employed" b/c i was an independent contractor. I am positive that the company wrote back to EDD saying that I was an independent contractor as well.

    Now i have a letter scheduling for the EDD phone interview. [I am presuming the interview has to do with the $ earned and NOT my mistake in listing the company as my employer instead of putting "self employed"... but may be I am wrong there?]

    My questions are:

    (1) Anyone have experience with this? What kind of specific questions will the interviewer ask (besides generic blurb the provided on the back of the notice-of-interview form)?

    (2) Generally, does $ earned from self-employment have to be reported?
    [I read that some people report it to be safe, which is what i did ... then I read somewhere else that self-employment is not considered wages, so therefore, I need not report that on the UI claim form]

    Thank you for your answers and thoughts in advance.
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    1. I don't, maybe someone else here does.

    2. It's "earnings" that need to be reported, not just "wages", and the claim form clearly says "earnings".
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      The EDD is currently scheduling phone interviews for ANY variation on your claim form. Your UI benefits will most likely be suspended pending the results of the interview.

      They will want clarification on both the error and the earnings. I have been through this...I reported $25 per week I was making on a side job and it triggered a phone interview. Just answer the questions they ask you and don't bring up anything else.

      Ditto Patty's answer to question #2.


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