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I cant get anyone at EDD. Help! California

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  • I cant get anyone at EDD. Help! California

    Just a little back ground.
    I worked for a company for just over 3 years. I won every monthly
    sales award that was offered. I hit my quota almost every time
    and was never out sold by any other sales person the whole time I was employed. In Jan '09 things got very slow. I hit my quota in Feb and April
    but it was tuff. Come June I was called into the office and was terminated.
    (I was the only sales person left. all the others had quite or been fired.)
    I was told the sales dept was loosing money and sales were slow but
    the termination notice stated That I was using the company computer
    to look at unrelated websites and that I had dozed off a few times.
    The websites were where I got my sales leads and yes late in the afternoon
    I had closed my eyes a few times. From 3 to 5 pm it was just dead and you can only clean the office so many times.
    I got my interview with EDD and I gave my end of the story and she called the employer and got there end. I have not heard anything since. No Calls, No letters. I got a job for another company but it was for only 3 weeks
    in the same field and industry. They were soooo slow that he laid everyone
    off. I re-applied. I got the interview call. The guy says he does not know why but a decision was not made on my first claim and the lady who interviewed me was not in. He said he would call me back after talking
    with the 1st interviewer. That was 13 days ago. No Check. No letter and
    no phone calls. I have tried any where from 20 to 25 times a day to get
    a hold of someone. No luck.. 6 weeks with no income. HELP!

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    I had a similar problem when I was trying to get answers on a workshare program. I could never get thru to anyone, it was a real pain. Anyways, I ended up just going to an EDD office and spoke to someone there. I was referd to a phone they have there that is sort of a direct line to EDD. I didnt have to wait and was able to speak to a live person in about 3-5 minutes. Hopefully there is a local office near your home. Good luck


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