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EDD Adjucation Phone Interview California

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  • EDD Adjucation Phone Interview California

    I am a new educator in the California k-12 system. I filed an unemployment claim in the latter part of June (my first ever) when my ten-month contract at my very first school district that I have worked for was not renewed. In June, at around the same time I applied for unemployment, I managed to find a future job in another school district that would start when the summer break ended, in the middle of August. The contract for the new job is for a "temporary" ten-month contract, and was contigent upon my credential coming through. My credential did come through in the middle of July, and I continued to claim unemployment until recently, when the new job began. My previous job within the 18-month base period was with a non-K-12 position. It was with a university in a non-contract (monthly) position where I did not work as an educator, but as an analyst, and did not have off summer breaks.

    I tried phoning EDD on a dozen occassions when I first filed my claim because they wanted me to apply for full-time work, which didn't completely make sense because I had a tentative contract based upon my new credential coming through that would start in August. I never managed to get a hold of EDD, as I continued to get hung up on when phoning them due to the volume of phone calls. Thus, I was applying for jobs in the summer, as they were requiring me to do.

    It's now August, and I have just started my new educator job at the new school district. I reported the first few days of work on the EDD claim form as I am required to do, and no longer need to claim unemployment now that I have a job. The week after I sent in my final claim form, I have just received a notice for EDD's adjudication center noting they will call me in a few weeks time. Since the letter, I did a little research online and have learned about EDD's overpayment policy and their policy on school employees.

    Given the above information, could you advice me as to what is the most I can be penalized for claiming unemployment during the summer between my old school district job and the new school district job, keeping in mind that my previous job during the 18-month base period was at a university in a non-educator, staff position.

    Thank you for your assistance.
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