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In the same boat (i think)

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  • In the same boat (i think)

    I recently submitted my very first UI form and checked the "searching for work" box "no" because while I had looked for work, talked with contacts, etc., I had yet to officially apply for a position. Because of this, I will not receive my first check, or any subsequent ones, until my phone interview 9/19 (4 weeks from now). While this pisses me off, I guess I can handle it if I know that there is a good chance they will pay my benefits retroactively. Can someone speak definitely to this, especially since this occurred on my very first application to payment?

    I appreciate whatever insight you guys can share.


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    You answered the question incorrectly. It didn't ask if you applied for a job, it asked if you were searching for one. Searching means contacting potential employers, either in person, on the web, by mail, etc. But, there is a provision that they can invoke requiring a person to fill out the back of the form showing at least 3 contacts per week. That form requires you to identify the position applied for among other things, so it is a good idea to keep a record of that information right away.

    The easiest way to comply, is to use an internet job site (like Monster, the CA EDD job site, etc). Pick the 3 jobs each week that appear to be the best match for you and apply for them. Even if all 3 best ones in a given week are long shots, apply. That will keep you in compliance as far as EDD is concerned and might just get you that job. If you have personal contacts in a given week, you can use them as all or part of the 3 for that week.

    Oh, and yes. You should get your benefit checks retroactively.
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      Make sure you can put down what jobs you applied for, and have the name and contact info for the company. They won't accept job apps to anonymous craig's list ads, for instance, they need to be able to verify that you actually applied, with the company you applied for.
      I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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        Thanks to both of you for your advice...I feel like such an idiot for screwing up something so simple but so costly.

        Is there any way I can try to resolve this before my scheduled interview date? Would it do any good for me to call the hotline and wait (for hours maybe) until I get to speak to someone? Are there any other avenues I can take? I know that once I can talk to someone it will take all of 5 minutes to clear up.

        Once again, thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.


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          Well, you can try anything if you want to, but I don't think you are going to speed it up. They have an incredible workload. I don't believe anything will cause them to sidetrack their procedures now that you are in the "exception" bucket.

          Here's what to expect. You have the call; it'll last about 3 minutes (the caller has to get on to other people). You do a good job of explaining that you didn't understand the question, but you were in fact trying to find a job then and you still are. You have info on 3 contacts per week ready to tell them about -- the conversation won't last long enough to do that. When the interviewer indicates that you are ok and they will send you the forms for the intervening weeks, DON'T raise any more issues. Say thank you and get off the phone. A check for the first two weeks and forms for the intervening weeks will arrive in about a week. Return all of the forms in the same envelope. Your back checks will arrive in about a week. From then on, mail the form you receive with checks on exactly the day it says (a Sunday).

          Look at the bi-weekly forms carefully and do what they say - exactly. If they have the box checked to fill out the back of the form (they won't on the initial claim) do it. If the box isn't checked, DON'T confuse the issue by filling out the back of the form.

          Good luck.
          Please post questions on the forum rather than sending me a private message or email. That way others who have similar issues have access to the discussion.


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