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EDD Phone interview - UI Benefits suspended in the meantime? California

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  • EDD Phone interview - UI Benefits suspended in the meantime? California

    I have been getting my unemployment benefits for a few months until I reported my self-employment earning (1099) from a one-day contract work on my bi-weekly claim form in June. This week, I received an interview notice from EDD that is scheduled for the end of August.

    My last benefit payment was issued over 3 weeks ago (confirmed when I call the EDD automated phone service for check status), so it appears that my benefit payments have been suspended in the meantime. Does this mean the payment will not resume until after the interview takes place at the end of August?

    Perhaps someone who have experienced similar situation can share with me of the interview event and the timing in receiving the benefits. Thanks!

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    You can expect your benefits to be paid retroactively. One person I assisted was on Jury duty for one day. He dutifully reported that he was not available for work that day, even though he received no pay for it. He got a telephone interview and a delay in receipt of payments.

    ANYTHING out of the ordinary seems to be generating a telephone interview in California now, usually about 6 weeks into the future. In the interview they will discuss the issues that are listed on the back of the interview letter that you received. Your experience shows that they now have a longer than 6 weeks backlog, even though they are scheduling interviews on Saturdays. Make sure you are there to take the interview call.

    Make sure that you are continuing to look for work and can document 3 contacts per week. If you are on the Federal Extension, you will need to fill out the back of the form documenting that. Otherwise, they probably won't require it, but it is good to have in your back pocket to prove that you are still actively looking for work.

    Assuming you do well in the interview (you should, just don't bs the interviewer), you will receive a bunch of forms to fill out for the weeks gone by. They will be in separate 2 week envelopes; complete them and send them back in the same one. They should bring you up-to-date on payments in about a week after they receive the forms.
    Please post questions on the forum rather than sending me a private message or email. That way others who have similar issues have access to the discussion.


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      Thank you for the detail explanation. I feel better knowing that this is a fairly routine process and the benefit payments will be caught up eventually. I will stand by my phone for the interview.


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        California UI - "self-employment"

        Hi - Interesting to read your post and very useful reply. I had a similar experience, although rather than working as a contractor, I've set up an LLC for a brief, 3 week consulting job. I, too, acknowledged my hours (20 / week) and retainer payment for the first week. I do not expect to be paid for the rest of the work for at least a month (mid-September) and rely on the UI for monthly expenses. The contract was based on a # of hours at an hourly rate, but is a fixed fee contract. I noted "self-employment" on my last continued claim form.

        I am scheduled for a telephone interview at the end of August, with no continued claim form included with that notice.

        Does anyone know if I should say that this was "piece work" or an hourly consulting job, since that is how it was quoted? Are these two types of employment treated differently? It also mentions that they will ask me about the gross payment for the work - since you never know what or if you'll be paid in the end, should I just mention my expected total payment as if it was received by the interview date, or should just mention the retainer? Do they deduct this income from your total UI payments, or just for the weeks in which you actually received payment (ie. $450 - x)?

        Thanks in advance!


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          I'm in the same position. I earned $280 last month for a class that I taught just to keep busy while I'm looking for full time work. When I claimed that $280 on my last edd form they sent me a form stating that I will have a phone interview on 8/14 and no check will be sent before then. I thought they would just deduct this money from my check but instead I won't get a check for atleast 3 weeks. I am at the lowest of lows at this point. I should of received a check a week ago. I have a car payment that is now past due and others bills along with rent of course on the 1st. What is somebody supposed to do in this situation? I look for jobs every single day and nothing is coming through. I truly need help and don't know where to turn.


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            I've done this before, although it was a few years ago. Make sure you mark on there that it was piecework and the job ENDED. That stopped the calls and phone interviews for me.
            I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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              california-ui & bblanco, in the future please do not add your question to another poster's thread but start your own new thread. Thanks.
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