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California: Passing health inspections when we shouldn't?

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  • California: Passing health inspections when we shouldn't?

    What do you do when the health department continually passes your place of employment on washing/sanitizing simply because you meet the basic temperature requirements and have a 3 compartment sink, yet not one single employee since 1993 has ever washed, rinsed and sanitized a dish properly and no one even knows what it means?

    I don't understand why the health department keeps passing us when we have so many violations it's not even funny.

    It's possible to look up the reports online here:

    But then it doesn't give details, just examples under the actual violations.

    Is there a number to call to obtain the actual reports?

    I'm wondering if there is a way to report the actual health inspector that passes a food service restaurant... there is no way that any of the employees would pass even the simplest of questions from the health inspector on food safety. There is no training on anything, not even on hand washing. They get hired, and they're set free to work without any supervision or guidance beyond learning the recipes.

    We've got people wiping off utensils with dirty unsanitized rags that never get washed, ever... that stay wet for weeks at a time until they're thrown out...

    I don't plan on being here for too much longer, but I do want to make an effort to get it up to code. Talking to the owner does no good, he advocates rinsing dishes and not washing them.

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    I am slowly changing things to meet sanitation requirements, getting people used to it, and so far I haven't had any backlash. Getting people to use the sanitizer, and keep wet rags in sanitizer solution when wet, etc.

    Only thing I don't do is train anymore. I used to be the trainer for 3 stores, now I'm not. Obviously my standards clash with the owners so I don't want to train because I will contradict what they want us to do.

    I've been slowly printing out the health code sections that apply to what we are doing wrong, keeping them in my pocket/wallet so that if a disagreement ever arises I can cite it right then and there...


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