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Mandatory meeting prior to shift California

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  • Mandatory meeting prior to shift California

    If you have a mandatory meeting at 7am and you are scheduled to work at 4:30pm, do you get paid just the amount of time the meeting takes(less than 2 hours) or do you get paid for 2 hours?

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    They must pay you for 2 hours minimum for meetings regardless of how short the meeting is (under 2 hours) and regardless of what other hours you work that day. If the meeting goes over 2 hours then they have to pay you for the exact time.

    "Attending a required meeting is counted as hours worked because during that time you are subject to the control of the employer."


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      Actually, the two hour reporting time pay is only if the meeting is the second time that you've been asked to report in a day or if you were scheduled for a full shift but sent home.


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        Really? I talked to the labor board when I had problems with my boss not letting me pay my employees for 2 hours minimum for meetings and they said that you have to pay for 2 hours minimum for meetings either way because:

        If the meeting is on your day off, you must be paid 2 hours minimum for reporting time pay since that is all you're working.

        If the meeting is before your shift, that makes it a split shift and you have to get an hour extra of pay.

        If the meeting is after your shift, that makes it a split shift and/or counts toward the RTP.

        I asked the labor board specifically about this regarding scheduling meetings and they said they cannot pay you less than 2 hours for any meeting unless it runs continuously into or before the scheduled shift without a split time in between...


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          I'm pretty sure it's different when the meeting isn't a scheduled meeting for a specific time. When an employer says, "the meeting will be at 5:00 P.M." and does not specify how long the meeting will be, does that change it?

          If a meeting is scheduled to be from 5-7pm, they pay you 2 hours minimum even if the meeting lasts 30 minutes.

          If a meeting is scheduled to be from 5-7pm, and you stay until 8pm they pay you for 3 hours.

          But if you're just told to show up at 5pm and it's up in the air as to how long it will be, is that a circumstance in which they have to pay you for 2 hours minimum? I know that if you're scheduled less than 2 hours it's legal. But what happens when you're just told to come in at a certain time without an ending time? Maybe that's what was different in my circumstance? *shrugs*


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            Thank you two for your info! It is much appreciated


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