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Section 1089 of the California Unemployment Insurance Code California

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  • Section 1089 of the California Unemployment Insurance Code California

    Hi Everyone,
    I quit my job and my now previous employer is stating I have to complete this form that reads:
    Notice to Employee as to Change in Relationship
    (Section 1089 of the California Unemployment Insurance Code)

    Company Name: My now previous employer
    Company Address: My now previous employer's address

    Name: Me
    1. You were laid off/discharged on:
    2. You were on leave of absence starting:
    3. Your status changed form an employee to an independent contractor on:

    My question is: Is my now previous employer indicating that I was fired, when in truth is that I quit? Hence, I shouldn't complete this form? Thank you for your help.

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    I am including a copy of (and pointer to) CUIC section 1089. This law places certain requirements on the employer. There is nothing in this law that requires the employee to do anything, including complete the form the employer handed you.

    I would agree that it serves no useful purpose (for you) to complete the form. At best the employer does not understand the law. At worse, they are trying to get you to waive some right under the guise of this law.

    CUIC 1089. Each employer shall post and maintain in places readily accessible to individuals in his service such printed statements concerning benefit rights and other matters as may be prescribed by authorized regulations. Each employer shall, pursuant to authorized regulations, supply each individual at the time he becomes unemployed with copies of printed statements or materials relating to claims for benefits. Each employer shall immediately notify each employee of any change in his relationship with said employer. Failure to comply with this section by an employer shall constitute a misdemeanor. Such printed statements shall be supplied by the director to each employer without cost to him.
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      Thank you very much. I will not complete the form, since I'm not required to.


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