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Advance notice for schedule changes? California

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  • Advance notice for schedule changes? California

    Scheduling at my job changes on a weekly basis, nobody expects set schedules; this is fine. Until recently schedules would be available on Tuesday for the work week begining the following Monday. I always thought this was a bit sketchy not even giving people a week's notice for sometimes wildly varying schedule changes. But it worked out ok, and nobody --including me-- cared enough to bother about it. Recently schedules have been released later and later in the week, usually by Friday, but several times it would not be posted until Sunday (ie. with the schedule for literaly the next day). Are there any state or federal laws governing this. I can't find anything about this in my online searches. Perhaps i'm just not using the right terms. My gut tells me this must be in the law somewhere, it's only right.
    But the absolute lack of evidence makes me think there this may not be covered. =(

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    To my knowledge, there are no such rules. If such rules existed, the Wage Orders (industry specific regulations) is where they would be discussed (and they are not there).

    CA does have Reporting Time penalties if you actually report to work in good faith and there is no work for you, but that is the closest thing I am familar with.
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      Ah, i see; as i feared. Doesn't seem right though. Oh well. Thanks for the prompt help. (Note to self: remember "Wage Orders")


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        There are about as many ways of handling schedules as there are companies using them.

        What you describe isnt great but I know of much worse scheduling formats.
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