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    In the next week I will be pulling some overtime. The company I work for does not allowus to work over 12 hrs a day and no more than 6 days per week. I volunteered to work a graveyard shift 10PM-0900 Sat-Sun. My Schedule is as follows:

    Mon - 0600-1400 o.t 1400-1800
    Tue - 0500-1300
    Wed - 0500-1300
    Thurs - 0500-1300
    Fri - 0500-1300
    Sat 2200-0600
    Sun 0600-0900

    My question is according I am actually working 7 days and should I be recieving Double time after 0001 hrs? Also should I be reciveing double time for the next week because I work monday thru friday 0500-1300?

    Thank you, llmartinez

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    It's not your schedule standing alone that requires OT. It's when the employer defined workweek (and hence, workday) starts. If you don't know this, you will have to ask your employer (payroll or HR).

    For example, Sunday, 12:01 a.m. or Monday 6 a.m. It has to be defined by the employer.
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      My employeer work week starts friday 1201 to thursday 1200. I hope that helps.


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        So, you have to slot your hours worked into that workweek definition.

        Previous Fri - assuming 8 hours regular
        Mon - 0600-1400 o.t 1400-1800 - 12 hours worked, 8 regular, 4 1.5 time
        Tue - 0500-1300 8 hours regular
        Wed - 0500-1300 8 hours regular
        Thurs - 0500-1300 8 hours regular

        I take it you didn't work the previous Saturday or Sunday? What did you work the previous Friday? I'm going to assume 8 hours, 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. OK?

        Fri - 0500-1300 8 hours regular
        Sat 2200-0600 2 hours regular for Sat (because the workday started Saturday at midnight and ends 24 hours later-so 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.) and 6 hours regular for Sunday (12 a.m. through 6 a.m.
        Sun 0600-0900 2 hours regular; 1 hour 1.5 time

        Plus whatever else you work through Thursday midnight.

        Of course, your meal periods needs to be deducted from this.
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          This friday I will work 0600-600 pm
          Sat - 0600-2pm
          Sunday off
          Then then schedule I have already stated. I know I et 4 hrs o.t. on friday and monday. I also will recieve 8 hrs. o.t. on saturday (this is not a regular work day for me). So the question now is since a new work week starts on friday could my employeer try to say that working saturday night into sunday morning is not considered 7 consecutive days. Also I just read about the workweek on and according to my understanding the work week is 7 consecutive days 168 hours. Since the new workweek will start on that friday I am thinking I will be excempt from the 7 consecutive day and out overtime.


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            My meal periods are waved. I get paid during my meal period.


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