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California Sales Job

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  • California Sales Job

    I am a commissioned sales person. I have been there almost 5 years. My sales are down for the second quarter. I had the same situation last year and got 93% of plan. Management is cracking down. Those who are not 70% of plan ytd are told to put together a gap plan. I am missing sales that they can't seem to find for the last 3 months. That would put me close to the 70%. There are others who are lower than me who have not been given a "verbal warning." My manager went to bat for me with the director and I have not been written up. I called in sick yesterday because I had a stomach virus. My manager calls me this morning suspious that I called in sick on a Monday. I was very offended by this. She told me that she thinks she might have made a mistake in sticking up for me. She is new to management. I had a large account cancel because the company screwed up the installation. If this hadn't happened I would be close to 100% of plan for the year if not over. I lost a large deal because they couldn't get the customer the infomation they needed. I am looking for advise. HR is useless in this situation. They always take the company's side.

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    I'm not sure what you want us to tell you. Is the company wanting to revise the commission agreement?

    Contrary to popular belief, the sole responsibility of HR is not to "stand up" for the employees in contravention of company policies; but this does not have to be an adversarial situation. The primary responsibility of HR is to protect the employer legally and to get the best employees possible. In the long run, that protects the employees also.
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