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it doesn't pay to be loyal California

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  • it doesn't pay to be loyal California

    I just want someone to here my story, cause I can't believe! I have been the program director for a major Vocational school for the past 8 years. We teach Commercial truck and bus driving. When I started we had 5 trucks,1 bus. We now have 17trucks and trailers,8 buses.We started training the Military,I designed and tested the training,I cut the training time in 1/2 and doubled the profites from the start. This was 1999. Since then I have made sure everything went like it was supposed, I hired and fired,I was at a different location everyday,I was in charge of everything. The owner ,[my boss] did not care or wantto here about anything as long as there was no problems or comp-laints, and there wasn't any. Everythingwas good. No ,had to use my own, I wore out 3 vehicles in this time, had fuel cards for the trucks.Anyway, he comes in one day and says we are going to restucture and redo things.I am tired , wore out, burnt out anyway, it was a good idea,and I told him so.That was good.
    For the last 71/2 years noone gave a rats *** about nothing, now all of a sudden everyone wants a piece of the action. They stick me out of the way some where,completly cut me out of EVERYTHING, knocked my pay down to below what it was when I took that position,they waited, cut off my fuel card,week later turned my phone off, two days after that changed the locks on my office ,sent me a letter saying I'm not to have any contact with employees,my stuff will be packed for me,I am to call and set up a meeting for my final check. I am dumbfounded. I haver been loyal to the bone, built this company from the bottom up thinking I was building myself a final place of employement. I made this co.with my hard work, dedication,and loyalty to my boss. And now they do this .why,why.. What can I do??? I went from 5000.00 a month to 1500.00 a month, I am now forced to file bankrupcty,I am loosing my truck,They gave me a termination letter today. In the entire time I have been there, I have never recieved a job discription or any kind of evaluation what so ever. It just isn't right!!

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    Very sad story, but nothing illegal occurred. Sorry.
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