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Harrassment and Retaliation California

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  • Harrassment and Retaliation California

    I have been harrassed and retaliated against every time I went to the owner of the company to complain. He did nothing and the retaliation from my office manager just kept getting worse and crossed the line further and further each time. Eventually I ended up on blood pressure meds and xanax but when I started vomiting at work on a daily basis I knew it was time to get out for my own sanity. Each time I went to the owner my manager would have a new rule that was just for me. She stopped speaking to me and when I needed guidance with work projects she would stare at me and then look away. I am pursuing this with the dept of equal employment and housing as they are a free organization but are very backed up. I wuld just like to know 9since this is a mom and Pop organization with about 50 employees, what I may expect to win if the judge rules in my favor. I have 5 witnesses that can attest to each and everything she did to me that was inhumane to say the least. I cannot even begin to list all the things she did to me during the four months I tried to stick it out. All this time I kept the owner up to date on everything and all he ever said was he would take care of it. I know he never told her to stop because when she found out that I had again talked to the owner she would find a new way to make my life a living nightmare. Any idea what this kind of terrible abuse and retaliation may be worth? Just so I dont agree to anything absurd if they offer a settlement. thank you so much for listening.

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    Unfortunately, that isn't the advise that this board is setup to provide. Even if it were, no one can guess what the court system will/will not churn out. Besides that, there are no details given for someone to determine if your claims are indeed worth anything.

    You'll know a good settlement offer if/when you hear it. It will either sound adequate to cover the hurt feelings that you have, or it won't.


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      On what basis were you harassed? Not all harassment is illegal.
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