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Sr. Manager Abuse California

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  • Sr. Manager Abuse California

    I am an EVP of a Fortune 150 company. I was hired about 1 year ago and report to a manger who is vry abusive. He constantly abuses both myself and other employees by calling them ******* Idiots, lazy fat as*s,stupid fu*k**s and continually screams at the employees. I have personally been the receipent of his treatment. He has mis-used company funds by having my admin use the company credit card to purchase meals and for personal mail. Two individuals have filed claims against him and won. I personally spoke with the Pres. of our division and he stated that he had never heard this about this manager. I found out that the Pres actually helped with the settlement from a person that he treated this way. I actually feel that this person has several issues and he is very scarry. In talking to HR, other managers they are concerned but stated that nobody will do anything. I have personally been threatned by this man and almost every day he is threatning my job. Do I have a case? Is this in fact abuse

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    How has he been threatening you? Threatening with physical harm is more concerning than threatening you with your job.

    A Fortune 150 company should have an HR department with more sense than what you are describing. In smaller companies, the HR department tends to bow down to the higher execs. I would have thought a Fortune 150 company HR dept would realize the big ticket lawsuits possible by allowing this sort of thing to continue for a long period of time.

    Before someone jumps on me for implying that you have a case, I will say that you have not really given enough details for someone to make such a guess. My suggested course of action is to continue to discuss the matter with HR. Unfortunately rude behavior is not illegal or lawsuit worthy. However, if his language and behavior starts to dive into discriminatory and/or harassing topics, HR needs to jump in before someone gets too excited.


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