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OSHA online reporting requirements Arizona

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  • OSHA online reporting requirements Arizona

    I just realized today is the deadline for OSHA online reporting. I had set it aside earlier in the year because I wasn't certain it applied to our company and was going to spend time researching it. I lost track of it and, of course, now my time is up, if we are impacted. (I know, I'm an idiot.)
    So my question relates to fact that the rule applies to companies with over 250 employees. Often there are qualifiers to such laws, meaning it may mean 250 full time employees, or 250 year round employees, etc. I can't find any definitions or formulas attached to that requirement, so maybe there aren't any. I file for two separate entities, each of which has less than five full time, year round employees. (The second one is in North Carolina.) Each also hires a few hundred part time, seasonal employees, most of which work a total of 16 days during our annual special event.
    Can anyone confirm whether the online reporting requirement still applies to us?

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    The 250 number correlates to the Annual average number of employees that is on form 300A. Which is the total number of employees (full, part and seasonal each count as one) for each pay period. Divide that by the number of pay periods and you have your average.

    Also you should be aware that there is a not insignificant a number of industries that must report online if they have only twenty 20 employees. Check the list below.
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      Thanks, Payroll Guy. I'm trying to get that number calculated now.
      Regarding your comment: "Also you should be aware that there is a not insignificant a number of industries that must report online if they have only twenty 20 employees." - We actually do fall under one of those categories. Renaissance Festivals fall under the 'Amusement Parks' category. Does that mean I do need to report online, regardless of what the 'Average annual number' works out to be?

      EDIT: You don't need to answer that; I've convinced myself I do need to report online. I've registered with OSHA. Now I just need to get the Average Annual and Total Hours numbers so I can fill in the 300A. There's probably not even a prayer I'll make the deadline, but at least I'm moving in the right direction.
      Thank you for taking time to respond.
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