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Wrongful termination? Arizona

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  • Wrongful termination? Arizona

    Last Friday, my Husband was fired "due to the economy" and since he was "the last one to have been hired" (re-hired, actually), he was let go. This is what he was told on Friday by the Dept. Director. The GM was also on hand as a witness to the event. Today, he got a call from one of his fellow co-workers, informing him that his position had just been given to the life-long best friend of the Manager.
    Any grounds for suit here??? Wrongful termination? My Husband was on no probationary watch, had never been reprimanded, and had always been a top producer with this company.
    Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this.

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    No, what you describe is not a wrongful termination (termination for an illegal reason like discrimination due to race, gender, religion, etc.). This appears to fall into the unfair but not illegal category.

    Your husband should be able to get unemployment benefits. He should apply immediately so he has some money coming in while he looks for another job. Good luck to y'all.


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      thank you

      Thank you, las, that's kind of what I expected, but thought I'd check into it.
      I know Arizona is a right to work state, but maybe since this was a blatant lie, and the fact of the person hired, after his termination that maybe there's a chance.

      He'll find something, hopefully sooner than later, and we'll go on knowing that they're lying chicken s**ts to not have had the nuts to be honest. My husband deserves better character in those he works for and with.
      Again, thank you.


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        I think you mean at-will employment state - you can be terminated at any time for any reason except those protected by law or unless you have an employment contract to the contrary. It's just as your husband could have quit his job at any time for any reason w/o a contract to the contrary.

        Right to work state is a state where you can work at a unionized workplace w/o joining the union or paying union dues..

        Good luck to your husband on his job search.
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