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Minimum hours that you can be scheduled a week in Alabama

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  • Betty3
    Agree, file for UI due to a reduction in hrs. As DAW noted, don't quit since you don't
    "generally" get UI when you quit. Good luck on finding other employment.

    There is no min. # of hours you have to be scheduled for unless you have a legally
    binding employment contract guaranteeing a min. #.
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  • cbg
    The minimum hours that an employee can be scheduled to work in all 50 states is 0. In NO state does the law require that an employee be scheduled for any particular number of hours. In a very, very few states (Alabama is very most definitely not one of them - AL is in my opinion the second-least employee friendly state in the nation second only to Mississippi) an employee who is scheduled to work a certain number of hours and is sent home before working the full shift is entitled to be paid for a minimum number of hours (often but not always four, which is probably the start of the rumor you heard) but that's not the same thing as their being required to schedule you for x number of hours.

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  • chris_mj24
    Ok, thanks. I didn't think the people telling me about the law were correct because I had never heard of it. I've definately been looking for something luck yet. Thanks again.

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  • DAW
    Not my state, but I would be VERY surprised to learn that Alabama (or any other state) has such a law. What you can do:
    - File for UI now based on reduced hours.
    - Do not quit.
    - But start looking for another job now.

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  • Minimum hours that you can be scheduled a week in Alabama

    The place I work at has been scheduling me to work on one day a week then all of the sudden I'm not scheduled at all. Can they just not even give me any hours or do they have to at least give me 4? I'm asking because I've heard that by law they can't give me no less than 4 per work week.
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