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Alabama, not paid for time worked

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  • Alabama, not paid for time worked

    Where i work everyone hand writes our own timesheets. Today everyone was told by our boss that if we work till 5:19, we are to write out at 5:00. 5:20 we write out 5:30. We work 4days a week and get paid every other week. It is posable to work 2hr 32min and not be paid for it. (0:19x8 days) Is this legal????? most of the time we are told to go home around 5:15, so just simply working till 5:20 isnt an option.

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    Short answer is that if you are not paid for hours worked, file a wage claim with federal DOL, maybe state DOL (assuming your state actually has a DOL), a small claims court action or a general court action (the last requires an attorney).

    Longer answer:
    - Do whatever your employer tells you to do. Their records. Their problem. Arguing with them can get you legally fired. (The nail that sticks out gets pounded).
    - However, keep your own time accounting records at home. A paper notebook works great.
    - The employer can legally round to the nearest 15 minutes as long as the rounding works both ways and is consistently followed. The employer can also ignore small amounts of time (De Minimus) if this occurs rarely and is not part of a larger pattern. For example, your boss calls you at home, and the call last one minute. If it happens once, it is De Minimus. If it happens a lot, it is not De Minimus.
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