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Employment Record in AL Alabama

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  • Employment Record in AL Alabama

    I worked at (deleted) for 2 months. (deleted) terminated me and on the termination paper I received, it said customer complaint, calling in, and giving discounts (in which I was told to do). On the paper that went to Dept of Labor, they added theft. Is there anything I can do? I didn't steal anything...... I talked to one attorney and he said I couldn't do anything.
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    Did you file for unemployment already? Where are you in that process?
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      Why would advice on an internet message board be better than an Attorneys!?


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        Might depend on the attorney. I have over the years working payroll gotten letters from attornies stating that tax withholding was optional or that court order garnishments could only be deducted if the employee agreed to it. And have gotten much stranger phone calls then that from people claiming to be attornies.

        The law is often specialized. Lawyers who are good at say trusts or criminal law are not necessarily good at labor law. There is some advantage to making sure that you are talking to a specialist in your problem area, and not someone who handles any type of problem that walks in the door. And of course one half of all attornies graduated in the bottom half of their class.

        The OP might want to check with another attorney and get a 2nd opinion. Make sure that the attorney specalizes in labor law. Past that, termination "law" is not particularly pro-employee. Sometimes there is no legal recourse. Not everthing that is unfair is always illegal. For every 100 involuntary terminations, much less then half of the effected employees were illegally terminated.
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          I was terminated Aug 25, 2008. The attorney that I talked to was an Employment Law Attorney and he said there was nothing I could do to change it that he knew of. He said I could probably sue for slander but he doesn't handle cases like that. I tried to talk the person who terminated me it didn't work.


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            I'm not sure what the reason for asking is.

            Are you looking for a civil suit? Agree with that attorney, at least on face value.

            Or are you looking regarding your unemployment claim?

            These are two completely different issues.
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              I want it off of my record. I can't get a job with theft on my record. Someone said that if the unemployment office has it on their records then it is on my employment record when background checks are done. Is this true?


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                What "record"? I don't think the state has the authority to release this information without your authorization. Even if a prospective employer even tried.
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                  No, it is not true. Contrary to popular belief, there is no "employment record" that is kept by some agency or other and contains the details of how and why you left each employer. When it comes to background checks, each employer is contacted separately and each employer decides what, if any, information to provide. There is no single-standing "record" that is provided to each and every employer who conducts a background check. Not all background checks are created equal.
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