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Subcontractor wants to quit Alabama

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  • Subcontractor wants to quit Alabama

    I am a freelancer doing work for whomever wants my services. I have been doing very regular work for a particular company, for whom I am a subcontractor. I want to stop doing any further work for this company. the only contracts I have signed are non-disclosure and contractor status contracts. I've read each completely, and basically there is nothing that says I agree to work for them for any particular period of time, or through any certain number of completed projects.

    My question is can they sue me for breach of contract if to date I've completed all work given to me to complete? The way I understand it, that would only apply if I quit working on an existing project, correct?

    Thank you for any help.

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    I don't see anything that requires you to keep working for them, but you really should take the most recent contract to an attorney for review.
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      The phrase "contractor status contracts" makes me think of misclassification.

      Depending on the circumstances, I wouldn't just up and quit with out making sure that the current projects are taken care of, but that's just general principle.

      I echo ScottB's advice to see an attorney.


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        The contractor status thing only states that I'm not an employee and that I'm responsible for my own taxes, and am not an employee. There's nothing at all about anything else in it.


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          And there are no projects which are outstanding. As I said, I've completed all work to-date. New projects are given out daily, so I'm lucky that there's even a break between them where I could quit.


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