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Help! PTO Not Given!! Please Advise!! Indiana

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  • Help! PTO Not Given!! Please Advise!! Indiana

    I work in an office and I put my notice in last week. I am going off to school to become a jeweler. However, I took a vacation over July 4th weekend, and hadn't had the time accrued yet. I knew I was going to be leaving (My last day isn't until the middle of August) and according to my employee handbook, it says the following:

    "If employment terminate, either voluntarily or involuntarily, prior to the accrual of time used, the company may withhold the amount of PTO owed from an employee's final pay, except to the extent prohibited by federal or state minimum wage law."

    My HR manager is telling me that it is against the law for her to take it out of my last paycheck, and I pointed out to her that that is not what the handbook states. All it states that it is unlawful for them to take below federal or state minimum wage law.

    Now, to make things more clear. I gave a four weeks notice (trying to be a "good employee") Instead of a two weeks notice. Now that I put my notice in right after my vacation, they aren't going to give my PTO that I was expecting. But I f I would have put my notice in on August 1st, I would get the you get what I'm saying? Can they just deny my PTO that I was promised? Now, I am going to be out over $200.00 that I was expecting to help me out for my move. Someone help me figure this one out!
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