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In NJ does Twin Pregnancy = more paid time off??

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  • In NJ does Twin Pregnancy = more paid time off??

    I am 21 weeks pregnant with twins, and I am wondering if in the state of NJ Do you receive more paid time than just the standard 4 weeks before and 6-8 weeks after paid through disability? I know I can take the family leave act at the end of my disability, but I also know this is an unpaid leave. Can anyone help me? Thanks!!

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    You only get off more than the standard times you mention if a doctor certifies you need to be off because of medical necessity. With twins it is not unusual to need more time off on either end because of medical issues. Talk to your doctor, only they can advise you and certify any medical leave if needed.

    I'm confused by your comment "I can take the family leave act at the end of my disability." The unpaid leave under FMLA runs at the same time as your disability leave so they do not run consecutively. You get a total of 12 weeks off.



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      You get a total of 12 weeks however NJ Law and FMLA have slightly different criteria so if you are subject to both, and go out earlier for your own health issue prior to giving birth, you could wind up taking more than just 12 weeks.

      See here for details on how the two compare
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        Under the State's STD plan, you can get more time off than the standard 4 weeks before the expected delivery date and six 6 weeks after the actual delivery date upon certification by your doctor that:

        You experience specific complications related to pregnancy;

        You undergo a Caesarian section;

        You have another simultaneous disability;

        You are physically unable to do your regular job

        Additionally, between the FMLA and the NJMLA you can get up to a total of 24 weeks off (12 before and 12 after). You may get STD benefits for most of that time, again depending on the reason you are out.

        Good Luck and Congrats!!!!

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