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CA SDI Question

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  • CA SDI Question

    Hi! I have browsed through this board, but could not find an answer to my specific question in the previous posts. I am now 36 weeks pregnant and have just learned that it may be possible to receive SDI for up to four weeks before I deliver. I have a very challenging job teaching 30 five year olds and do not think I will be able to teach right up to my due date. However, does my Dr. need to state that I am disabled? I am a little confused and am worried that my Dr. will not sign any paperwork and I'll just be out the money for the time I take off before the delivery (I work at a private school who does not offer any paid tiem off). Any advice would be much appreciated. I tried calling the SDI offices...they weren't very helpful!

    Thanks in advance!

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    There's a lot of information here.
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      Most docs in CA will give you 4 weeks before delivery (esp since you are not behind a desk) and within this 4 week window it usually does not require a lot of documentation (which is why most docs don't really mind doing it in that window).

      Then you get 6 weeks automatically from birth date after delivery. You'll get a form asking you if it is a c-section or not when you start SDI CA that you send in with the birthdate and that (you would think from the form) would mean that you are covered 8 weeks if you have a c-section. But if you do have a c-section you will have to have the dr recertify under a supplemental form to get the 2 additional weeks.

      You can be covered before the 4 weeks and beyond the 8 weeks of course if you are certified as medically unable to work, it just takes more paperwork is all.

      Be sure, too, to check out the PFL in Ca too. That is additional paid leave through the state to bond with your baby. Details here:

      Sorry CA SDI offices were not real helpful, they usually are really great.

      Hope that helps.


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