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New York pregnant with restricted hours from doctor and job givingme no hours

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  • New York pregnant with restricted hours from doctor and job givingme no hours

    I have been at my job for over three and a half years. My job is a hostess.on a motor coach. I asked my I wouldbe able to continue working on the bus before needing to be moved into the office. He informed me I would be fine until at least 32 weeks. My job pulled me of the coach at 5 months, for liability purposes and claimed they didnt have more than about 24 hours to give me in the office. There was three Weeks I didn't make full time hour requirements because of this, I called out and after hr informed me that in tbe past 11 Weeks 5 of them I didnt meet the 32 hour rewuirements ro keep my benefits nwould need to pay 80 a week to keep them. this week my doctor put me on a maximum of 5.5 hours a day. I told mu kob this and was asked when I would be seeing my Dr again, I said Thursday and she said that they would need the note from the dr. I said that was fine and that I would get it, however the schedule for the week was made Wednesday and she didn't give me any hours for the week what so ever. Can they legally do all this??

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    It would help if you used proper sentences and paragraphs. It is a bit hard to follow your post. Unless it is company policy to do so for all others, not just those who are pregnant, you aren't guaranteed any set number of hours or a job on light duty in the office. If your doctor is restricting your hours and duties, your employer isn't obligated to make sure you get every hour you possibly could work or create work for you to do. If your hours drop below the required number of hours for benefits eligibility, then you are subject to the same consequences of this as anyone else.

    One thing that might make a difference- how many employees are there within a 75 mile radius and how many hours have you worked in the past year?
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      If you're not being scheduled to work, then that is no different than being laid off. Go file for unemployment benefits immediately.


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