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Pregnancy -NJ- STD and FLI with new employer New Jersey

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  • Pregnancy -NJ- STD and FLI with new employer New Jersey

    I'm employed full-time in NJ. I've used both STD and FLI for the births of my two children. My husband and I are currently trying to conceive. My job is good and stable, but I would definitely like a change for many reasons that don't really matter for the sake of this forum. I've been putting off looking for a new job until after we have our next child, so that I would be covered by STD and FLI.

    But reading the requirements, now I'm not sure I need to wait. The wording for both STD and FLI states:

    In order to establish a valid family leave claim, you must have employment with a New Jersey covered employer and earn a certain amount of wages . The wage requirement is either:

    $145 or more per week during 20 calendar weeks in the base year; or
    $7,300 or more during the base year

    The "Base Year" period is the 52 weeks immediately before the week in which your family leave began. Only New Jersey covered wages earned during the base year period can be used to establish a valid claim.
    My current employer participates in the state plan. And I'm sure that whatever job I would potentially get, would be in the state plan. Assuming no breaks in employment, is it safe for me to start searching for a new job? Or do I need to wait?
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    STD/FLI is only income replacement. You would also need to look at NJ FLA which does have the 1 year requirement for that time to be protected (but does not deal with how you are paid).


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      It would all depend on when you got pregnant, when you became unable to work due to that pregnancy and when you started the new job (assuming the new job is part of the state plan).

      The above poster has a good point as well that pay while you are off is only part of the equation. If you haven't been with the new employer for a full year, that will affect how much leave you can take for the pregnancy and birth.

      Only you and your family can decide what must take priority.
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        NJ SDI & NJ PFL ("FLI") is just income you receive while on leave.

        How much leave/job protected leave you get depends on various factors.
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