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Pregnant and CAN perform job duties but employer wont allow me to work California

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  • Pregnant and CAN perform job duties but employer wont allow me to work California

    Hi there. Long story but I am 5 months pregnant with a history of miscarriage. I drive a school bus and can still perform my regular job duties. However a year ago my employer created a Dexterity test where we have to do some ridiculous stuff, to prove we are capable in helping injured or getting a bus evacuated in an emergency. It is not part of the policy handbook, or CHP DOT rules and regulations. Some things I felt very nervous and unsure of so I told my employer and they had me discuss it with my Dr. My Dr decided due to my history and pregnancy status she did not want me doing some of the things on the test. Now my employer wont let me work. I can still do my REGULAR duties, just not this stupid test they created. I can not be a monitor either because they are also required to do this test. There is however paperwork positions and dispatch/receptionist positions, but they are not positions I was hired for specifically. The do give them to people on temp. disability from workers comp.
    My question is, am I entitled to ask for a reasonable accomodation to something else? Should I ask to have the test waived because it does not affect my regular job duties? The test is not a daily job requirement. What are my options and legal standings.

    I am very upset and full of anxiety. I have already missed 2 full days of work. I will be homeless and hungry if I cant work. =(
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