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Babies born 14 months apart.. leave considered a completely new FMLA? Connecticut

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  • Babies born 14 months apart.. leave considered a completely new FMLA? Connecticut

    Just wondering if I could get some help with clarifying some FMLA time. I had a baby in June 2010 and my leave started June 11th. I took 12 weeks. In January of 2011 I was placed on bed rest for 4 weeks for a new pregnancy. Actually, at that time they said my claim had been denied because I had no more FMLA time. Either way I kept my job and returned to work. My recent child was born August 16th 2011 and thats when my new leave started. Just wondering if this delivery counts as a seperate claim with 12 more weeks due to me since my new FMLA did not start until a year after my first claim on June 11. Either way I had received a letter stating that I had 9 weeks of FMLA approved and 0.57 weeks of Ct leave approved and 9 months of pregnancy disability. Then on Friday received another letter stating that my time will be exhausted on 9/27 which is only 6 weeks. I left the company a message that handles our leave but haven't heard back yet. Just curious if anyone has any would be much appreciated! Thank you..

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    You are entitled to 12 weeks of leave within a 12 month period regardless of how many incidents, illnesses etc occur within that 12 month period. There are four different ways of determining the 12 month period so I cant give you a hard and fast answer. Based on your dates, I think you should be eligible for 12 more weeks.

    Lets see what others on here say.
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      Morgana is correct. You are entitled to a total of 12 weeks of leave time in a 12 month period - not per "incident."

      Most employers calculate FMLA time either (1) per calendar year, or (2) per rolling 12 month period. We don't know which method your employer uses - you'll have to ask them.


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        Employer determines 12 month period:

        The four methods of calculating the 12-month period are as follows:

        1. The calendar year;

        2. Any fixed 12-month period, such as a fiscal year or one required by state law or a year starting on an employee's anniversary date;

        3. The 12-month period measured forward from when an employee first takes FMLA leave;

        4. A “rolling” 12-month period measured backward from the date an employee uses any FMLA leave.
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