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Can my boss demote me for being pregnant? What about taking away my home? Virginia

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  • Betty3
    Ok, thank you.

    If you believe you are being discriminated against due to your pregnancy,
    you can file a complaint with the EEOC.

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  • PregnantinVA
    Employer Employs

    Overall the company as a whole has more than 50 employees.

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  • Betty3
    How many employees does your employer have? Thanks.

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  • Can my boss demote me for being pregnant? What about taking away my home? Virginia

    One of my perks as a manager is housing that's part of my compensation. It's no secret that my boss and I don't get along well and since I've told him I was pregnant we've repeatedly had the discussion of "My first concern is the safety of you and your baby, but I got a business to run." Well, that's understandable. He's also made it very clear that if at any time he feels I'm putting myself in danger he's going to move me to another position.

    Here's my concerns.

    1) I'm a manager, so if he moves me he's going to be demoting me. I'll actually be doing the EXACT same job (just w/o the manager's responsibilities or title) at another store. So, honestly, how is that taking me away from danger? If anything I'd think the danger would increase b/c as a manager I don't always have to do the things a Service Representative would have to do.

    2) By demoting me, I lose my housing. Housing is benefit for managers only and if I'm not manager, I don't have a place to live.

    3) According to everything I've read so far, they have to place you at the same position when you return from leave...but by demoting me (then allowing me to come back) they can keep me as a CSR until another management position becomes available.

    4) How can he make the determination that what I'm doing is too dangerous. I know my limits and seeing as this is my first child, I'm not going to be doing ANYTHING that could remotely put me at risk. He's talking the simplest little job task (and I mean nothing could be less benign than typing all day) is now too dangerous.

    I honestly feel that he's itching to get rid of me, despite his pep talk about wanting to see me succeed w/ the company and not looking to get rid of me. How is any of this legal?

    Other manager's have left on disability for hysterectomies and eye surgery and they weren't demoted. They had a relief manager run their store until they could return to work. And they kept their housing benefits. An assistant recently had a back injury and we are by no means a (light duty industry) but they put him on light duty work and didn't demote him.

    Please help!
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