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6months on job, no fmla, no maternity leave. NEED HELP!!! Pennsylvania

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  • 6months on job, no fmla, no maternity leave. NEED HELP!!! Pennsylvania

    I have only been on my job for 6 months. I found out I was pregnant 9 days after I started, and I was already 6.5 wks. Im due early Nov. at which time I will onloy have 8.5 vacation days saved. I don't qualify for maternity leave, or fmla. I can begin to describe how frustrating this is for me . Also, I was told they would only hold my job for 30 calendar days (that doesn't even allow me a post natal check up)...

    What can I do? I am already having trouble in my 8th month (i dont have a desk job) & don't know how long I will last.

    Is unemployment an option? Is short term disability an option?

    WHAT CAN I DO????

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    Unemployment is not a substitute for paid maternity leave. You can only collect unemployment if you are actively looking for and able to accept employment.

    Pennsylvania does not have a state disability benefit. Have you signed up for short term disability insurance at work?

    With regard to holding your job 30 days, the employer's legal obligation is to treat you no differently than a similarly situated employee who needed non-maternity medical leave. So, if the employer would only hold a job for 30 days for an employee who wasn't eligible for FMLA and needed major surgery, the employer only has to give you 30 days as well.
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      If you do not already have STD coverage through your employer or an individual policy, it would not be an option currently. If you are issued a policy, your pregnancy would be considered a pre-existing condition & not covered. The co. I worked for would not even consider coverage until after the baby was born.
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        This is why I tell people who get a new job to use effective birth control for at least 12 months


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