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Maternity Leave Help in Florida Florida

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  • Maternity Leave Help in Florida Florida

    I own a small company in Florida (8 employees) and one of my employees is pregnant and due in early October. She wants to come back December 14th which is where the problem lies. Being a small company unable to provide vacations all year long we shut down on the 22nd of December for 2 weeks to give everyone the same vacation. My question is, do I have to let her come back on the 14th to work a week and then get 2 weeks off paid? I don't know if it matters but she only works 30 hours per week so she isn't a full time employee.

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    Nope. Being as FMLA does not apply, you are free to set the parameters of her leave. If having her come back for a week only to then be off for two is disruptive, you can extend that time off until after operations resume. As a matter of morale, I'd do the same for anyone else who was off for a similar amount of time and wanted to return right before the shut down.
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      Do you have to give her a paid vacation? Maybe she needs to come back because she needs to support her family. Unless you have it in writing that it is a paid vacation couldn't she come back to work for the week and then take the two weeks off unpaid? I'm sure it would be difficult to go another three weeks without pay. While that isn't your problem but your employees maybe that is something you can discuss with her.


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        Paid vacations are not required in any state.
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