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CA Maternity SDI "Integrated" with Normal Pay

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  • CA Maternity SDI "Integrated" with Normal Pay

    My wife gave birth on 4/26 by c-section. Our company (we work for at the same place) gives 6 weeks of Maternity Disability (they call it MATDIS) which is "integrated" with SDI. She'll get paid 100% of her salary during those 6 weeks, so my understanding is that our company will pay whatever the difference between her full wage and what SDI actually pays (55% pay, I think).

    She was told that the two extra weeks she gets for having a c-section would not be at full pay, but only whatever SDI pays. I assume they can do that because companies are not required to provide any additional pay beyond the SDI during the six weeks, correct? Could there be any law out there that says _if_ an employer "integrates" the pay for the six weeks that they must also do it for eight weeks in the event of a c-section?


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    I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. You are correct that employers do not need to supplement SDI at all. That yours is willing to do so for 6 weeks is very generous. No law would require more as no law requires they do even that much.
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      Thank you for the quick response. I assume then (based on the other thread I posted to which you replied) my wife will work part time those two weeks and still get the SDI benefits and get her full pay.

      Our company doesn't do anything simple. Both maternity-related SDI and PFL are "integrated" and it's confusing. But as you said, they do have great benefits.


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        CA PFL is offered in addition to SDI. So this is a total of up to 6 weeks of pay (it will be at the rate of SDI pay) in addition to the 8 weeks off for SDI. You can get additional information about qualifying for CA PFL here:


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          The additional 2 weeks for c-sections are because they take longer to recover from, and so the woman is typically not able to work during that period. I would think that if she were able to work during that time, she would not qualify for SDI (unless her doctor specifically allowed her to work only part time, and so she was able to get a pro-rated amount of SDI).
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