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Direct deposit reversed/final pay withheld (MD)

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    My advice is actually the same as what cgb posted. If you have a lawyer involved, that is the person you should really be directing your questions to. That is what you are paying them for. Anything we would tell you you'd have to run by them anyway. Or at least should be running by them. This is the first you've mentioned having legal counsel (at least that I recall though I didn't go back through all the posts).

    There seems to be much more to your story than originally indicated which just further emphasizes the fact that you really need your lawyer to guide you on all this, not those of us volunteering their time on a free bulletin board who only have part of the story. We can only comment on what you choose to share and when there is a lot more to the story than you share (such as criminal matters and an attorney already handling things) the advice we give may be less relevant or even inccurate.
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      And I think with that, we'll simply close up shop for the day. At least on this issue.
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