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forced to resign

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  • forced to resign

    I have worked for my company for over 3 years. We have changed GM's 4 times, and department managers 5 times. Our schedules have always been chosed based upon senoirity. Our new manager decided he wants all 5 employees to rotate shifts and days off. This will not work with my childcare so myself and another employee have no choice but to resign. We are the only experienced employees there so the company is going to lose alot, but I think the manager did this purposely to get rid of us. I believe as soon as we are gone he is going to change back to set schedules. I have already moved on to a competitor, and start next week. But is it worth it to mention to our ethics department. Rumor is he hired a friend of his to take over out positions!

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    Unfortunately, the GM is within his rights to set whatever schedule he wants. Since you have successfully moved on to a new company, I would focus on your new job and forget pursuing anything with your former employer. Nothing will likely come of it.


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      It isn't illegal to change your schedules or hire a friend to replace those who quit.
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        Our corporate office has no idea what the new manager is up to, or how badly it is going to affect the business. He changed the schedule purposefully knowing that certain employees would not be able to work it, and I have been told once we are gone he is going to change it back to normal.


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          You're gone. I see no point in addressing this with your former employer.
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            Even if you are 100% correct about his reasoning, nothing you have posted suggests that he would be in violation of the law. You're already in a new position. Drop it. It isn't worth it.
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