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  • Help please!

    I am a waitress in Maine and just quit my job at a restaraunt where I believe I was treated very unfairly. I hope I can explain this...

    The restaraunt uses a POS system and last weekend I was working a very busy Friday night shift. There was a very high table turnover rate that night. My table was leaving and gave me their book with the bill and said that it was all set...and the change was for me to keep as a tip. I assumed it was cash and closed out the table without checking because I was so busy. My mistake since I looked and it was a $50 gift certificate. It would be easy to correct..just reopen the check closing it as a gift certificate instead of cash..however only a manager has the ability to reopen the check. The manager was not feeling well and said she did not feel like doing it at the time and if I left the guest check aside with the certificate she would fix it the next day. Then she left and went home.

    As I was doing my report for the end of the shift, I realized that my cash would be off by $50. Since I rang in the guest check as $50 cash it would say that I owed $50 cash for that table. So to make the report accurate I paid $50 out of my own pocket with the expectation that when the gift certificate was entered correctly I would be reimbursed the money.

    Instead of being reimbursed I was told that I needed to pay another $50 for the gift certificate. Now, if you add up the cash and credit card receipts it exactly totals my sales for the is it possible that I owe for more than my sales? To put it another way..if I had just thrown away the gift certificate they would have never known because everything added up... they had all the money..the only reason I turned in the g.c. was to be compensated for it...they already recieved the $50 for it when it was purchased. I have tried explaining it countless times but they will not listen and insist that I must pay $50 more! that would be $100 out of my own pocket...I don't mind losing the original $50 that I paid for the guest check but to be told I owe more is just too much. They are trying to make $150 off one $50 g.c. (The $50 originally paid for by customer for the certificate, the $50 I paid for the misrung-in check, and now another $50 from me for who knows what they're thinking)

    I hope this makes sense and isn't too complicated but if you have any questions I will try and explain a little better. Anyway out of complete frustration and disgust I quit (I would never dream of stealing money from my employers and expect the same in return) The problem now being that where I live work is very seasonal and the month of April and May until memorial day weekend all the businesses close completely. I have no money to move to another location..would i be able to collect unemployment? What kind of recourse do I doesn't seem right that I should be at such a disadvantage because I refuse to let them extort my hard earned money.

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    I didn't follow why you were being asked to pay the $50. I uynderstnad why you did the first night though that was probably not the best way to handle it, but I lost you on why you were being held responsible for the money at all.

    In any case, you an always file for UC, there is no penalty for doing so even if you don't qualify. Whether you get it or not is up to your state and if the UC folks feel you had a good enough reason for leaving your job. You would have to show that you are actively pursuing employement and accept any employment you may be offered. UC isn't a way to get 2 months off paid while waiting for the seasonal position of your choice.
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      Thanks, I will try and file...I would really rather have a job, but I know it will be hard to find any kind of work right now. And I know it's hard to follow why I'm being asked to pay another $50 because it doesn't make any sense AT ALL! Thanks for the reply!


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