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shift differential

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  • shift differential


    This is my first post, and I am hoping those wiser than me can answer my question.

    I work at a hospital in Virginia. According to the contract I signed 3 years ago, (I am a regular employee) the employee is paid shift differential for the weekends. I was led to believe the weekend includes saturday and sunday. It has recently come to my attention that my hospital considers the weekend fri, sat, sun and monday. I have only been paid the difference on sat and sun. I went through our policy and employee handbook three times and could find nothing that stated you are only paid the differential on sat and sun, it just says the "weekend". So now I am utterly confused, my supervisor, HR director, and nursing director, have not answered the question as to why I am not paid the difference. Any insight into this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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    NOBODY is answering your question? Have you asked payroll?
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      Where did you see it mentioned that the weekend covers all 4 days? I'd take that document to payroll along with copies of your time records or paystubs.
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        Payroll was my first stop on this journey (the person who does our payroll is also my nursing directors admin.asst) she told me to take up with HR. HR in turn told me to talk to my supervisors, who then told me to take it up with the director of nursing. The director was evasive, and never answered the question, but she did say; The only reason we have the shift differential on the weekend is to keep employees form calling out. When an employee calls out on the weekend, they(employee) will have to make up the day. This did not answer my question, as you can see.

        I found documentation stating the weekend is fri, sat, and sun, in numerous employee memos. As I stated before the handbook, and policy manual only says "weekend". Monday being included is something I just learned about, and according to my supervisor has been in place for more than a year. I have called our corporate office many times, but have never recieved a return phone call or email. I think I'm being stone walled. On the plus side I did contact the VA DOLI, and they told me shift differential was not considered a fringe benefit, its part of my wages. I think I need to gather all the documentation I can before going further, but I am open to suggestions.



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