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Unemployment Comp. Audit

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  • Unemployment Comp. Audit

    I work for a small business (less than 9 full time/ up to 200 part time) in PA. We have just been chosen for an Unemployment Audit by the state. In since I handle payroll and most other HR issues( even though I have a psych. background not an HR one) I am going along with one of the owners to the audit. He was very vague about what to bring along to the meeting.

    Has anyone out there been to one of these meetings and if you have could you shed some light on what to expect? I am bringing a laptop with the payroll software and records on it along the time clock software and all punch records on it. We have manual timesheets as well that we have the employees sign in and out as a back up. Should I bring those as well? Do I need to bring all the employee files from the quarter they are looking at?

    Thanks for your help. I don't want to walk in to the meeting with boxes unnecessary paperwork.

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    I have not been through that kind of audit... but I would imagine that they are looking into the reported payroll dollars.

    Do you report the payroll dollars, or do you have a 3rd party send in the quartely reports (taxes, ui, new hire report etc)

    You can always call the unemloyment agency and find out.
    Tell your owner that you need some specifics about the audit so that you can be prepared, an possibly avoid fines should something come up missing or incorrect.


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      Thanks for you prompt response. We do have a third party company report the payroll information to the state for us. I have a disk with all that information so that part is easy. I was just curious if they would need all the paper time sheets as well as the electronic ones as well as any specifc items from employee files. I will try to get a more specific list of items from the owner, but he tends to me more casual about these things than I do.


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        One thing you can also do is talk to the 3rd party reporters and ask what information they think you may need.

        They may have some experience with auditing procedure. Also, in some instances, the reporting entity will accompany you to any audit meetings and act as the primary reporting representative.


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          I will try contacting them as well. Thanks for the help.


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            They probably aren't looking for hours, time records, etc., as that is not their purview. They are most likely looking to see that all reportable wages have been properly reported. Your payroll registers and copies of the quarterly continuation sheets should probably do the trick.
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              That's what I was hoping to hear. I talked to the owner again and he was pretty sure a rep from our payroll company would be there along with our accountants so it should be a piece for cake considering our business does everything by the book (to the best of my knowledge).



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