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California Labor Law Question

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  • California Labor Law Question

    Hello everyone,new member here with a question maybe someone can help me with. My son-in-law just resigned today from a satellite TV installer job where he was working as an independent contractor.He was getting paid on a weekly basis by the jobs he did. After telling his boss that he was resigning today he was told that his last two weeks pay would be held for 90 days due to the warranties on the dish installs expiring after 90 days. In other words if they have to go out and redo something he did they could just deduct it from his final pay. They initially held back the first week of pay so this amounts to two weeks pay they owe him. I asked him if he signed some kind of contract agreeing to this and he doesn't remember. Has anyone heard of this before or know if this is legal in California barring him signing a contract? Any help or input would be appreciated. Thanks,Mike.

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    Is it safe to assume that your son-in-law is 1099'd and not w-2'd?

    That makes a big difference with respect to his options in California.

    IC must pursue employers in court; employees can go to the Labor Commissioner.


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      Thanks for the quick reply! Yes was a 1099 employee so I guess he will just have to wait it out for the 90 days and go from there.This outfit he was working for seemed a little shady to me so we'll see how they come through in regards to paying him. I'll let you all know the outcome and thanks,Mike.


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